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marketplace for sell mobile app

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Hi folks. I want to share with you a story about how I began to make money selling mobile applications templates with marketplace for sell mobile apps. What difficulties I went through, and how they could have been avoided. Hope it will be helpful to someone. I work in a small mobile app development studio. And I had to look for additional earning channels.

I have a huge base of client projects which I can turn to good mobile app templates. So i don’t have any problems with the development. I started submitting my templates product to Envato Market because this is the most famous digital marketplace. I created an account and uploaded the first template there and got a hard reject with the condition I can’t publish the same template. And I had to make a new template. In the next 2 months I got 4 hard rejects. After 4 hard rejects, I realized that I needed to look for other ways to sell templates. I started looking for marketplaces that specialize on mobile app templates.

But I didn’t upset and keep moving. I found another marketplace for sell mobile apps:

  1. code.market
  2. market.nativebase.io
  3. codester.com
  4. gumroad.com

I would like to tell you more about each marketplace what i was know after try all

1. code.market– is a new marketplace for sell mobile apps

code.market – marketplace for sell mobile apps
code.market – marketplace for sell mobile apps


  • Large commission rate start from the 70%;
  • No hard product moderation;
  • Product submission takes few minutes;
  • High conversion from 1000 views from 10 to 30 sales;
  • Products are well indexed in search results;
  • You can withdraw start from $10 via request to paypal;
  • Products are promoted on the company’s blog and on large sites like dev.to


  • Not much traffic yet, but it is growing;
  • No form for communication with the author;
  • Still low brand awareness.

2. market.nativebase.iois an old marketplace which specializes in selling react-native templates.


  • There is a famous brand;
  • The commission for the author is from 60%, you can get 70% if you use their framework;
  • When you upload a product, you get into the mailing list for those who have already bought something. You can get the first sales from it. Few products;


  • Very difficult moderation. You need to communicate with the moderator via email and he constantly tells what needs to be improved before launch — I spent more than 2 month on it.
  • Must be and exclusive author;
  • Little traffic from SEO;
  • Low conversion, out of 2000 product views, about 10 purchases;
  • You can withdraw start from $500;
  • Need to upload a product only through git;
  • There are a lot of requests for product updates from customers who buy, it is believed that this should be done for free.

3. codester.comlarge marketplace that initially specialized in game templates for mobile phones.


  • Huge traffic;
  • Author’s commission start from 70%;
  • No minimum sales threshold;
  • You don’t have to be an exclusive author to start selling;Large selection of goods.


  • Has a moderation system;
  • Not focusing on mobile app templates;
  • Low conversion rate to sales;
  • How many sales are not visible on products;
  • There is no product promotion system, you promote yourself;No strong community of buyers.

4. gumroad.com- you can sell any digital product, but it is most often used as a one-button service.


  • You can quickly lay out the goods;
  • You can upload a product with several options;
  • There is a system of access to mails for those who bought from you;It is possible to take a button and sell on your website;
  • No product moderation;High commission, from 90%.


  • You have to pay for an account when you reach certain limits;
  • You need to promote products yourself;
  • Weak system for creating presentations;
  • Sometimes the system lags and crashes sales or license keys;
  • Too many products and poor niche categorization;
  • No focus on mobile apps.

Conclusion about marketplace for sell mobile apps

I was submit products on all markets, but decided to focus on sales on code.market. In September, I made $ 2500 per/month. I make templates in both Flutter and React Native. As it is more valuable. From my personal oppinion Flutter is selling better at the moment. I’m going to focus on it. The main important things for marketplaces are their moderation and sales system. I personally, as an author, want to make products and not be afraid whether they will submited by moderator or not, and sales are also important to me. If the marketplace offers to lay out the product without any problems and gives sales, this is the ideal picture of the world for me.

If you’re interested, here are my products:

I would be glad to receive your comments.

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