Top 5 Best Shopify App Templates Based on React Native

React Native has gained massive popularity among mobile web developers lately. Nowadays it is often dubbed the future of hybrid app development. Started as Facebook’s internal project, React Native allows developers to use numerous ready-to-apply “native” components creating apps for both iOS and Android by the same developers' team. Today we have prepared for you a list of the 5 best Shopify app templates based on React Native available in 2019.

1. TechStore

TechStore allows you to build a shopping cart app for both Android and iOS. What makes this React Native template one of the best on the market is the simplicity of the whole process. You can get your eCommerce app up and running in like five minutes. All thanks to clear layout and easy to understand interface. You don’t need to be a developer or know anything about coding to create and set up a shopping cart app. UI/UX and animation optimized for electronics and high tech gadgets stores is TechStore’s main feature.

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2. Mstore Shopify

Mstore offers a number of E-commerce templates for mobile e-store creation. What makes Mstore one of the best Shopify app templates based on React Native is an ability for the user to easily convert his current online shop in Shopify into a mobile store app that would be available both in App Store and Google Play Store. Some of the other Mstore’s distinctive features are multi-language support, high stability, and smooth templates design.

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3. EvaStore

EvaStore supports 2-way synchronization, which allows you to connect your newly created mobile app (both iOS and Android are supported) to the main online store website so that whenever the website is updated all the app’s data gets updated as well. There is also a number of useful features this Shopify app template offers, like order tracking, multi-currency, wish list and address management.

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4. Full Mobile Shop app

Full Mobile Shop is supporting both Google Play and App Store, same as the other best Shopify app templates in our list. This tool allows you to manage the app content, layout and design in an easy to understand and quite well-functional admin panel. This app template also has Firebase and Firestore features. They allow you to sync the new mobile app with an existing store.

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5. gikApp

The team behind gikApp developed it as a React Native app template specifically for WordPress websites. This Shopify app template allows you to convert WordPress blog into a mobile app for both iOS and Android. GikApp users can pick one of the three themes available in one package: Blog, Construction and Spa. If you are a WordPress blogger gikApp would definitely be your tool of choice for creating a mobile Shopify app.

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