TOP React Native Templates in 2020

To simplify the creation of a react native application, you can use ready-made paid and free react-native components and templates. In this article, I collect templates by different topics: E-commerce, UI/UX components, Starter kits, Listings, Travel, Blogs, etc..

So I just put together 16 best react native templates and here it is:

1. Holistic — React Native Hotel Booking template for iOS and Android

Fresh, fast, smart UI/UX template for hotel and apartment booking. Ready-made registration screens, with a choice of user role and field validation. There are also filtering screens, articles, profile, testimonials, and more than 30 screens and states. This template has no backend.

List of benefits:

* Smart UI/UX for travel/booking topics
* Calendar entry
* Payment screen with validation of bank card fields
* Feedback functionality
* Rich hotel card
* Built-in map with hotel location
* a Large number of UI components
* Easy to customize the application (colors, fonts, distance)
* Decomposed components in the code structure
* Clean codebase
* Configured autotests
* Latest Version EXPO 38
* Smooth animations

View Holistic Template

2. Gala — React Native Bootstrap Template

New UI starter kit with attractive designs and fully customized colors, sizes, gutters, columns, and fonts. Just change variables in one configuration file and you get a new app.
The code used by the application is clean and written according to the basic methodologies and principles of the twitter bootstrap framework. Every component has a list of objects with style properties. Super easy to customize and create new screens and components.

* Clean code, based on tweeter’s bootstrap principles
* Fully customizable design (colors, sizes, padding, columns, layout)
* Built-in active calendar
* Classic Navigation
* Onboarding, Login, Article, Blog, News, Category, Timeline, etc. screens
* All parameters are declared through variables

View Gala Template

3. Airmart — React Native E-commerce Template

Front end e-commerce template, with smart user flow, with all the necessary screens. Category, product, tags, comments, rating, cart, checkout, delivery, choice of size, and color — everything is included. All you need is to connect your backend.

* Smart user-flow
* Clean layout
* All necessary screens for E-commerce (30+)
* Suitable for any e-commerce topic (clothes, furniture, etc…)
* Made according to usability guides
* Ready to connect back-end

View Airmart Template

4. Mira — React Native Template & starter kit

Another starter UI kit, simple and convenient. All the classics, login, navigation, article, category, charts, news, lists. Written using the twitter bootstrap methodology. It is the perfect solution for starting your app.

* Clean code and architecture
* Full customization (colors, sizes, distances)
* Easy to modify and create new screens
* Fast and fresh
* All parameters are declared through variables

View Mira Template

5. MStore Pro — Complete React Native template for e-commerce

If you want to create an app for your WordPress online shop, try this E-commerce template, WooCommerce compatible. About 30 screens are required for a modern online store. Push notifications available.

* Multilingual
* Push notification (one signal)
* Compatible with WooCommers
* Dark/light mode

View MStore Template

6. Food Delivery — React Native Template

Food delivery template, 50 screens with different variations. Easy to customize. Perfect template if you are going to make a food delivery application

* Several variations of standard screens
* 50+ screenshots
* Many reusable components (Buttons, Cards, Credit Card, etc…)

View Food Delivery Template

7. B Commerce — React Native UI Template

Simple and light eCommerce UI kit. Only 10 screens and 30 components, no additional libraries. Perfect for the MVP of your product.

* Based On React Native
* No Additional Plugins
* Based on React Navigation
* Simple and lightweight
* Animations
* Easy Copy & Paste

View Food Delivery Template

8. Food Delivery ReactNative — FoodTiger

Another food delivery template. Simply understandable there is an application for both the customer and the driver. Also with this template, you need to buy the admin panel written in PHP laravel (Not included in this purchase)

* Order tracking (Live)
* Push notification (OneSignal)
* Payments (Stripe)
* iPhone and Android app — 2 in one source code — React Native

View FoodTiger Template

9. Material Design React Native

More than 230 view screens ready for use. It could be able to satisfy all of the business requirements including e-commerce, dashboard, etc…
* Easy to reuse and customize
* Popular material library
* Good Performance
* E-commerce, Profile, Food, Navigation Screens

View Material Design Template

10. ReactXS — UIKit for Material Design 2.0 by React Native

Another react native template which builds with Material
* Design Guide.
* Theme Provider
* Dark and light mode
* Clean code
* Good Performance
* Card, List, Tab, Profile, Gallery Views

View ReactXS Template

11. Mazi — News & Magazine for React Native mobile template

Simple and functional app template for news blogs or magazines with more than 30 screens.

* Dark and light mode
* Multiple colors
* Multi-Language
* RTL support
* Multiple font styles

View Mazi Template

12. SixPack — Complete React Native Fitness App + Backend

Complete beautiful fitness app with idea to provide developers with an easy and practical way to make their apps work with PHP backend.

* Admin panel
* 25 + screens
* AdMob integrated
* Firebase auth
* Easy to customize
* Back-end

View SixPack Template

13. Uber NextGen React Native UI Kit Template

If you need a UI/UX front-end for your taxi app, just use this uber clone. More than 30 screens with smart user-flow. Just save your time by developing a taxi app UI.

* Clean UI
* Map integrated
* Only front-end

View Uber Template

14. Shopping Cart Template | React Native

About 30 E-commerce screens with clean and useful UI components.

* Features
* Welcome and login
* Home shop
* Search product
* Checkout cart
* Filter product
* Product detail/rate
* Setting Account

View Shopping Template

15. Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components

It is a big pack of screens. 16 kinds of UI/UX like Crypto, Hotel, WooCommerce, E-commerce, Food, Dating, Music, AdMob, Social, Walkthrough, Profiles, Vehicle apps.

* Over 260 screens
* RTL support
* Ecommerce Ready Screens
* Music Ready Screens
* Navigation Drawers
* SignUp
* SignIn
* Social
* Walkthrough
* AdMob

View Shopping Template

16. Dentist & Medical Mobile App Template With React Native

Simple medical app template with booking functionality. More than UI 15 screens with an active calendar.

* 15+ screens
* Active Calendar
* Expo
* Dashboard screen

View Shopping Template

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